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  • The government’s economic revolution has arrived early.   Part of the story of the United Kingdom’s regional inequalities can be told through the LinkedIn profiles of communications directors in local authorities in towns and villages. More often than not, their journey to their

    This incarnation of the Tory party struggles when it has to confront the British people with hard truths, such as the decline of the high street.  Why is the government’s messaging on whether people should return to work so confused? On the one hand, ministers encourage people to

    The mediocre, time-serving, wayward and sleazy survive as long as they blindly support the Prime Minister. What does it say about the Johnson-Cummings government that it is manoeuvring to have Chris “Failing” Grayling – the bungling former cabinet minister who gave contracts to f

    Weak rules have allowed China to acquire significant stakes in British nuclear power, oil, steel, water and transport. In September 2015, during his ministerial visit to China, George Osborne tweeted: “China and Britain stand on brink of golden decade of cooperation. No economy i

    Although the policy problem wouldn't change, the political one would.  The British government’s hopes of a US-UK trade deal face two major obstacles. The first is that the specific measures that a meaningful accord with the US would require are politically unpalatable, becau

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