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  • The Labour Party has been handed EHRC’s report into antisemitism. It is refusing to comment on the contents. Read Labour’s statement in full here… “The Equality and Human Rights Commission has provided the Labour Party with a draft of its report into allegations of antisemitism. 

    Can Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s package of policy measures head off an impending economic storm? Will they really help kick start the UK economy?  Or are they just delaying an inevitable tsunami of business closures and job losses? Writing in The Times today, IEA Director General Ma

    Four British millionaires including Richard Curtis have signed a letter (along with 79 other wealthy activists from around the world) demanding they are taxed more to help pay for the Covid fallout. The lefty luvvies opted to sign a letter to signal their virtue rather than donat

    Under the “noncommunicable diseases” section of its latest report, the World Health Organisation celebrates China’s more heavy handed regulation of electronic bikes, before going on to laud its on work tacking the noncommunicable disease of e-bikes that are able to go faster than

    100 days into Sir Keir’s leadership of the Labour Party, and the Leader of the Opposition’s personal poll ratings are undeniably strong, leading Boris’s personal ratings on competence, decisiveness, trustworthiness and strength. Lagging on likeability though… This begs the questi

    Guido revealed the political activist stuffed membership of the group that calls itself ‘Independent SAGE’ back in May. Now the group is crowdfunding for more activism research to be carried out, yet Guido spotted something fishy in buried in the description of their official cro

    The Brexit Party is still polling as high as 10% in Wales ahead of next year’s assembly elections, yet could be on the verge of a bigger political upset thanks to their new staple policy: abolishing the Welsh Assembly in favour of direct elections for the First Minister. The move

    This morning speaking to Sky News, the Prime Minister made his most comprehensive endorsement of wearing masks in confined spaces. The UK is following countries like the US which started off discouraging mask wearing to protect health service supply chains, resulting in embarrass

    Dishy Rishi is about to live up to his nickname after the Treasury conditionally approved a £170,000 investment in a female-focused sex party company for swingers. Taking his “Eat Out to Help Out” slogan literally… Killing Kittens, described by the Guardian as “a members-only sex

    The campaign group Defund the BBC is ramping up it’s activity after the Beeb confirmed three million more households will be forced to pay for a licence fee from next month. They are appealing for funds via a Go Fund Me Page, which Guido readers can find here, so they can keep th

    Questioned by Marr this morning about a leaked letter from Liz Truss fearing Britain’s new border arrangements with the EU won’t be ready in time for the end of the transition period, Gove said he wouldn’t comment on leaked documents, however he “loves Liz” and while he can’t say

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