• The Government’s long-anticipated Strategic Defence and Security Review, or SDSR, comes at a pivotal time for the UK.  Our political relationships with our closest allies, in Europe and with the United States, are fraying, and the global system of rapidly evolving great power com

    Talk to an educated Irish person in a global city today, and you will quickly discover that they hold the twin ideologies of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland: a vague sentimental remnant of the Irish ethno-nationalism of the revolutionary period and the internationalist and multicultura

    I have attended enough conferences and meetings across the labour movement in my time to know that these events often become cauldrons of debate about the pernicious works of assorted foreign powers and the best methods for uniting the Left internationally in the task of confront

    Do you remember Mods versus Rockers? No, not the original clash between rival youth cultures in the 1960s, but another infamous punch-up: the Tory Wars of the early 2000s, in which the Mods and Rockers were rival factions of the Conservative Party. The Mods were the Modernisers —

    Is it possible to re-establish the bare minimum rules of political disagreement in the internet age? Latest developments at the front line of the culture wars would suggest not. Earlier this week a group of 150 writers appended their names to an open letter published in Harper’s

    When Kasabian singer Tom Meighan attacked his ex-partner Vikki Ager in April perhaps he thought nothing would come of it. After all, according to every scrap of evidence from domestic violence charities and national crime surveys, the majority of such incidents are never even rep

    The aim of most supporters of Black Lives Matter, which is equality, is urgent and just. Even so, some BLM activists embrace anti-Zionism and, as they do so, they segue into anti-Semitism too. It seemed for a while that the movement would be defiled by this. But this week, it loo

    In recent years there’s been a glut of nostalgia for the 1990s. On both sides of the Atlantic, it is cited as the decade the public looks back upon most fondly. Contrast it with today, and our seemingly endless procession of tumultuous events, and the Nineties seem enjoyably plac

    Rhodes will likely fall. Late last month Oriel College’s dons decided that they want his statue dislodged from its perch above Oxford’s High Street. So, short of obstruction by the commission of inquiry they‘ve launched, or alumni rebellion, or legal restriction, Rhodes looks set

    Bradwell power station is a vast, concrete and partially decommissioned Magnox nuclear reactor set out on the flat windswept salt marches of the lonely Essex coastline. A few miles away sits the much more modestly sized St Peter’s Chapel. A simple stone structure, it is one of th

    The Le Pen family saga – aka “Le Downton Abbey français”  or the Gallic Dallas — has a new plot twist. There have been many rounds of “father vs daughter” battles — culminating in Jean-Marie’s expulsion from his far-right political party, and family business, five years ago. Ther

    First they came for the statues of slave traders and confederate generals, and many of us applauded. Then they came for the name of the Dixie Chicks — and most of us were pretty relaxed about that too. But now the cultural moment is coming for, of all things, Scrabble. The North

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