• Brexit is about sovereignty. It is about reclaiming what the UK had, prior to 1972, when it joined the EC and agreed to pool its sovereignty. That pooling no longer suits the UK, as the 2016 Referendum determined. And nobody voted to give up bits of sovereignty to the EU on the w

    There is a raging debate in the UK about whether and how UK farmers should be protected from foreign competition in the execution of its trade policy. It threatens to divide the Conservative Party between its classical free traders and those whose constituencies include farmers a

    On Saturday, some Bristol wag (or several Bristol wags) installed a mannequin of Jimmy Savile atop toppled slave-trader Edward Colston’s plinth. Attached to it was a sign reading “None of them stopped me, and your licence paid for it”. As the latest salvo in that unhappy city’s o

    As protests go it was hardly Stop The War or Black Lives Matter. Earlier this week a caravan of slow-moving tractors snaked its way through Parliament Square in a politely observed demonstration against US food imports. If the gathering was relatively sedate, it reflected a battl

    In The Ashdown Diaries shortly after passage of the devolution legislation Tony Blair is quoted as saying (while laughing) ‘Yes, that is a problem. I am beginning to see the defects of all this devolution stuff’. Two decades on the problems unlocked by his absent-minded reforms a

    Many professions have stepped up during the current health emergency, with healthcare workers in particular rightly applauded across the country for their service. Yet there is another group who have gone beyond what is expected of them, with far less recognition. These professio

    In 1954, René Rémond published the first edition of his famous Les Droites en France, an analysis of the evolution of the right wing of French politics from 1815 until the then-present. Updated in the Sixties, this book was the origin of his classic division of the French right i

    President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw nearly 10,000 US troops from Germany provoked yet another mini crisis in transatlantic relations. True to what has become a ritual in the Trump years, America’s European allies have expressed first their dismay with the decision and t

    This may be the month that reshapes our relationship with China. At the beginning of last week, a report from the newly-formed Inter-Parliamentary Alliance of China (IPAC) revealed China’s deliberate policy of sterilisation of its Muslim minorities in a Chinese border province of

    When the pandemic hit, Rishi Sunak took radical action to freeze the economy into place, protecting jobs and keeping businesses afloat. It was the right response at the right time and won him praise from across the political spectrum. As I argued at the time, this isn’t a normal

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