• Government should look carefully at what research it is commissioning, as there is no longer a need to commission more research to extend or prove things academics claim to already know. There is more need for research which pushes the boundaries and challenges some of the tired

    The post-Brexit landscape in the U.K. has seen a growing sense of unease about the number of immigrants entering the country from the EU. Welcoming around three million Hong Kong residents into the U.K., while teetering on the brink of recession, could spell political disaster, a

    It might look like Sunak is chucking the kitchen sink at the problem, but it also looks considered, pragmatic and effective. Step by step, Sunak is delivering the stimulus/rescue packages the economy requires to weather the virus, argues Bill Blain The post Has Rishi Sunak kept t

    It is clear that unity among China’s main economic partners is the only way to contain China’s aggressive ambition, and Britain should lead the way in building a coalition of like-minded countries to confront Chinese aggression, argues Robert Amara  The post Should the West stand

    The closure of universities deemed to be offering low quality or poor value for money is a an opportunity, not a crisis for the Government, and Covid-19 gives the perfect excuse to carry out these reforms to the higher education system, argues Robert Hyde The post Covid-19 is an

    The BBC assumes it has (at least) seven more years left of its current charter in which to create the kind of discord it revels in. Seven years is a long time to enable a divisive agenda. Think what damage to the UK's social fabric the broadcaster is capable of doing in just

    The UK has a bright global future in front of it. However, if Prime Minister Boris Johnson truly wants to call the UK a ‘Science Superpower’, then we must not be dependent on foreign powers for the creation and maintenance of our new 5G network. As part of his so-called ‘New Deal

    It would be good to sharpen Whitehall’s focus on delivery again, and to learn from recent experiences in adapting a large public service to the hostile conditions of Covid 19, argues John Redwood  The post Reforming Whitehall appeared first on Comment Central.

    Putting social care on a sustainable financial footing would be a fitting tribute to some of our country’s unsung heroes, and would help to ensure social care provides the quality of care that everyone deserves, argues John Baron MP The post It's time to come up with a Conse

    With the relatively small number of new covid-19 cases daily, it’s time for the Government to accept that this has moved beyond being a public health crisis, and has evolved into an economic one, argues Robert Hyde The post It's time to reopen Britain appeared first on Comme

    Far from being overly radical, Boris Johnson’s Government has been far too timid concerning reform of the civil service. The civil service needs to be revolutionised, and the elected politicians need to take back control, argues Ollie Lane The post Time to take back control – of

    The recent liberalisation is, indeed, to be welcomed, but the move from “rules” to “guidelines” has come too late, argues regular contributor Sean Walsh  The post The Government has moved from rules to guidelines…. but it's done it too late appeared first on Comment Central.

    The recent threat by American President Donald Trump to withdraw troops from Germany if the Government fails to meet the NATO 2% defence spending target, will give the EU a rallying point for their attempts to dominate defence and foreign policy in Europe. The UK must resist thes

    As Britain begins to enact a global trade policy, it is important that we consider the implications of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership on domestic policy space, argues Robert Bates The post Let's talk about CPTPP appeared first on Comment Central.

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