• Contributors for the September/October issue of StandpointWhat to read next: Letters | Old Despots’ Home | Bosphorus Burns-out | The Newest Hatred ▶️ Read more ◀️

    'It is a common trap to believe that under the Prime Minister’s Etonian brio lie liberal convictions. Experience suggests otherwise. The only thing Johnson consistently stands up for is himself, and on that, he has indeed never compromised'What to read next: They’d Rath ▶️ Read more ◀️

    ‘You do not have to be a radical socialist to admit that since the financial crisis capitalism has failed to deliver the goods’What to read next: The £350 million wasn’t a lie — here’s why | Lightbulb moment | Borderless Brexit | Debates that never die ▶️ Read more ◀️

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    A Brexit poem by Liz LefroyWhat to read next: Two poems | The View from Panorama Road | The Cruiser | The Dying of the Light ▶️ Read more ◀️

    The little-known Bolzano formed remarkably modern conceptions of logical truth and probabilityWhat to read next: Underrated: Wellington | Underrated: Oswald Spengler | Underrated: Hugh Thomas | Underrated: Guido Westerwelle ▶️ Read more ◀️

    The Austrian philosopher and 20th-century genius disabled others and inspired decades of needless self-destruction among his disciples What to read next: Overrated: Jamie Oliver | Overrated: Richard Layard | Overrated: Napoleon | Overrated: Xi Jinping ▶️ Read more ◀️

    ‘It’s just with regard to, like, discussion about anti-Semitism . . . well, I just keep thinking one thing. Why is it always them?’What to read next: Typecast by the ‘ologies | An Incisive Observer | Disproportionate Reportage | The Future Is Orange ▶️ Read more ◀️

    Questioning the status of history’s ‘most dangerous’ spyWhat to read next: Spy who stayed out in the cold | Another Country | Goodbye to all that | Our Man On Twitter ▶️ Read more ◀️

    Thomas Grant's "Court Number One" reveals the changing values of the society which the criminal justice system ultimately exists to enforceWhat to read next: His Master’s Voice: Scruton On Wagner | Hungary’s Tolstoy | Emulation and evisceration | Routed by liberali ▶️ Read more ◀️

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