Brexit: Labour defends decision not to back second referendum amendment tonight – Politics live

Parliament will debate and vote on yet another government motion today, this time to seek an extension to article 50

Best for Britain, the anti-Brexit campaign that favours a second referendum, has put out a statement saying that it does not want MPs to vote for that today. A spokesperson said:

Best for Britain, like a majority of the country, believe that giving the people the final say is the only credible solution to the Brexit mess we’ve been left in after three years of government failure and parliamentary gridlock.

We believe bringing this issue before parliament today will not truly test the will of the house for a public vote. The debate today must focus on the pressing need for an extension to article 50 to confirm parliament’s rejection of a no deal cliff-edge on 29 March and protect the country from a damaging disorderly exit.

And here is John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, explaining Labour’s decision to abstain on the Wollaston second referendum amendment later.

The People’s Vote campaign is clear that today is not the day to press the public vote issue in Parliament. It reflects what I have said in various interviews today. Careful judgement has to be exercised at each stage of this process.

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