UK coronavirus live: more ‘timely and reliable’ information needed for local lockdowns, say doctors

British Medical Association say swift action on regional spikes ‘is not happening right now

Leicestershire Police Federation Chairman Dave Stokes admitted to Sky News that the local force didn’t know how it was supposed to enforce the local lockdown in Leicester:

“We don’t know. And that’s simply because we are waiting for the government strategy and the legislation, which will obviously support us locally about how we are going to police it. It’s a moving picture and I’m sure the information will be fed down but at the moment that clarity isn’t there.”

A key scientist in the coronavirus response has said there is a window of just a few weeks to resolve “teething problems” in order to have systems up and running for the scheduled full return of schools in England.

Imperial College London’s Professor Neil Ferguson, who used to advise the Government, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

“I think we have not a huge amount of time, but a few weeks now to resolve those teething problems and get the data systems in place and get the modes of operation between local and national government working well, because we will desperately need them to work efficiently from September onwards.

“I think we need to get the systems working, but I also agree that Public Health England and everybody involved is doing their best. It’s a very complex system to combine data from multiple sources from across the whole country. I don’t think we have any time to lose but I’m not going to sit here and start criticising people at the moment.”

Ferguson said infection rates in Bradford and Doncaster were also a cause for concern: “Those are areas, where not as high as Leicester, but they have some of the highest numbers of cases per 100,000 of the population, which is the relevant measure, so they’re clearly of concern.”

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