News mags ABCs: Private Eye circulation holds firm year-on-year

Private Eye’s circulation has held firm year-on-year, new ABC figures show.

The paid-for fortnightly title, which costs £2, sold 233,565 copies on average per issue for the six months to the end of June.

The Economist had a print circulation of more than 859,000 for the period.

The weekly news magazine also claims a digital circulation of just over 798,500, bringing its total combined circulation to 1.65m.

Its apparent dramatic fall in circulation year-on-year, recorded as 39 per cent by ABC, is down to print figures being compared with print + digital figures used last year, after a change in how it is audited.

The Spectator claims ABC previously double-counted print and digital copies for an inflated circulation figure, but has asked for this to stop.

It claims in fact to have sold 77,889 copies in the first half of this year, up nine per cent year-on-year, rather than down 19 per cent as ABC has said.

Editor Fraser Nelson said: “Print subscriptions are growing at their fastest rate since 1995, but we’re recruiting new subscribers through digital means.”

UK news magazine circulations for the six-months to the end of June 2019 (ABC):

PublicationABC Total (avg per issue)Year-on-Year % changeBulksNo. of Issues in period
The Economist859,232-39%26
Private Eye233,565-1%2,29513
The Week145,263-18%36525
The Spectator (excl. Australia)76,349-19%1,88326
The Week Junior70,11518%25
The Oldie47,0024%7
Money Week33,756-23%25
Times Literary Supplement32,129-22%6,01426
Investors Chronicle30,565-7%26


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