Mark Philippoussis stumbles into spectators but styles it out with hilarious drink gag in Wimbledon doubles match

MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS took a refreshing sip out of a spectator’s drink after accidentally stumbling into the crowd during a match.

The 42-year-old may be retired, but he’s still able to conjure up some funny moments on the court.

Mark Philippoussis cracked up fans as he took a big gulp from a fan’s drink
He also posed for a selfie with a young supporter

The 2003 Wimbledon finalist grabbed a drink from a spectator in the front row to refresh himself after hitting the ball out.

He even posed for a selfie with the fan before the next point got underway.

Straight after, the Australian stepped right back on court and he jokingly acted angrily for losing the previous point.

Unfortunately for the Davis Cup champion, he went on to lose the match with Haas 6-3, 6-4, but at least he had the crowd laughing.

The 6 feet 5 inch former player enjoyed a stellar career in the game, reaching two grand slam finals and winning two Davis Cups.

The Aussie hasn’t played in the Wimbledon Singles event in London since 2006, but he stepped out on court one alongside former German number one Tommy Haas.

The pair were facing up against doubles Grand Slam winning pair Arnaud Clement and Michael Llodra.

Having won the men’s doubles event in 2007, Philippoussis was going to have to roll back the years to stand any chance of victory.

In one point, the grand slam finalist hit the ball out and just about managed to stop himself from stumbling into the crowd.

But it was immediately after this moment that he had the entire audience smiling and clapping away.

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